Saving You Time, Money and Energy…

eatonhcs-ClientsOur clients, in general terms, are not in the hiring business.  They are highly successful enterprises typically in the fields Professional Services for whom, the provision of “IT” is akin to hitting the switch on a wall to turn the lights on.

But life happens and from time to time you need to hire people.  That’s a given.

So what happens then?  Well you could splash out a few bucks on a social networking site and weed through a couple hundred “interesting” resumes almost all of whom from unemployed people, spend a week or four interviewing “interesting” people, all the while letting your proverbial day-jobs slip away.

Or not.

Eaton Human Capital Solutions does two things – nothing more or less.  We help you – the Hiring Manager – fill open direct hire (used to be call “perm” – guess why nobody uses that term any more) or contract positions.  Through our eyes you will see hundreds of candidates, mainly employed but “open”, and typically only be introduced to the top two or three that we have carefully pre-screened.  For contract roles we try to work with a small number of people who have proved themselves in prior engagements.