Creating Solutions for Today’s Business Needs

So what – if anything – makes the team at Eaton different..?

There are only so many “bells and whistles” you can put on a staffing & recruitment service.  Whether the firm is a sole-proprietor or a global player we all do the same thing – help connect people looking for opportunities with employers seeking talent.

So it comes down to the caliber, experience and integrity of the firm.

We are a small team of highly experienced recruiters with experience internationally, in big and small firms, who focus in key markets.  We are affiliated with the premier Silicon Valley IT Solution Provider Eaton & Associates, that has twenty-five years experience as a top-tier partner to Microsoft, Cisco, VMware and EMC, among others.


David Podger.

Vice President

(415) 590-2735 

David came to the USA from England in the early-90’s (joint USA/UK Citizen) and has worked in a number of recruitment and sales management roles in that period.  He also has senior operations experience with two leading IT Solutions Providers which allow him particular insight into the specific requirements of technology professionals in that sector.

Has placed over 2,000 IT professionals in new roles. Manages a team but very hands-on in the recruitment process.

David lives in San Francisco, is a keen aviator, and loves to connect firms with top-talent!

“…This is a strange business…nobody ever goes through school saying  ‘I’m going to be a Recruiter!’.

But there is a very great thrill and delight in facilitating a match between both top-tier employers and candidates.  The role requires a huge amount of empathy, business inside knowledge (who’s rising or diving) and, of course, the all important street smarts…”