We can fill that empty chair...

If that empty chair is causing you pain..

..it's costing you money.
Eaton will work with you to determine exact requirements to ensure an appropriate candidate is recruited. And if you need a contractor in the interim we'll secure that resource as well.

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"FOCUS!"..is a good thing

Who do we work with..?

We can't be all things to all people...
Our sweet spot is working with high-end Professional Services firms placing top-tier End-user support thru IT Director professionals.

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Been there..done that..

Recent Placements by the Eaton team..

In 2015 we have continued to expand our footprint with leading Global Law and Private Equity firms.

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If we could only ask one thing of a hiring manager...

it would be to move swiftly through the hiring process.

It's a very hot "candidate driven" market right now and multiple and counter-offers are once again the norm. Sector unemployment is effectively zero.
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and if we could only ask one thing of a candidate...

be honest with yourself, as well as everybody you meet in the hiring process - you can't "over communicate".
A good recruiter will counsel you along the way to make sure it really is in your interest to make that all important step. Or not.
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